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Is 460 Million Euros going to waste!

It has come to light that 38 trains that cost 460 million euros belonging to the Marmaray project and waiting for four years in Haydarpaşa Train Station won't be in service for another two years.

Ekleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:26/ Güncelleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:26

Istanbul- A bitter fact has come to light about the Marmaray project that started in 2004 and involved 76 kilometres of distance between Halkalı and Gebze. In 2013, a part of Marmaray which is 13 kilometres long was opened to public and in 2015, it was promised to be opened fully and later on, it was announced that Marmaray would be done in 2018. Yet, the fate of 38 trains which cost about 12 million Euros each, were bought to be used in the terminals of Marmaray and kept waiting in Haydarpaşa train station. The vagons which come in tens and length 244 metres were kept waiting for four years because there were no manouver space on Marmaray railroad. Now that it has been announced that the project would be completed in 2018, the trains are going to be waiting for another two years. The experts about the issue claim that the electronic systems in the trains, after six years of no usage, will go to waste. ''Trains were bought in 2012 and they are not in use and they will wait until 2018. Mechanical parts can be preserved somehow but there is electronical systems in the trains which is very important. Each train has 60 percent of electronical devices in it. These include transformers, air conditioners, inverters which have different kind of electronical system in it, converters and electrical engines. In a ten-series train, there is 24 electrical engines. Moreover, these are very fragile gadgets. These will go to waste after six years. It rains and snows on the train. Keep your cell phones at home, waiting for six years. How will they run afterwards?'' experts say and warn that with Marmaray trains' construction works starting, the waiting time will change and go from four to ten minutes and that with the trains construction works including the manouver issue, the trains will be closed for 8 months. 

''Normally, the train dropped the passengers off at Ayrılıkçeşme stop. Then, it passed across via scissors. This place was the manouver spot used for the changing of the train route. When the construction starts, the manouver spot will be shut down. Trains won't be able to pass across. There will only be a single route between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar. This train will go back via the same route. While a train is done in four minutes, because the returning manouver spot is shut down, the train won't be able to start before ten minutes earliest.'' says an authorized person and points out that the trains are still in the process of testing and sums up the hardship of the issue very well saying ''If they ready and put the ten-series of trains in service today, it will take 10 months at least for each to headway. The reason is,  the gadgets about communication will be mounted and then the trains will go through testing.'' Now we are asking to Binali Yıldırım the minister of Transportation, Navigation and Communication; ''Dear minister, can't a solution be put forward for this?''