The record for public transportation is 603 km by Maglev

Interesting results are emerging in the world, while the players in the public transportation sector are competing against each other with their latest technology. Latest instance: Japan.

Ekleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:20/ Güncelleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:20

It has been announced by Japan Railways' Operator JR Tokai that, Maglev train which works with the technology of magnetic elevation, has reached 603 km/hr according to the test results conducted.

Kazuyasu Endo who is the Yamanashi Test Center Manager, draws attention to the comfort element in the aforementioned speed. Maglev with this record, surpasses the previous one with 590 km/hr. Maglev will shorten the distance between Tokyo-Nagoya to 40 minutes. The train's normal speed, when the services start, is going to be 500 km highest. The line Maglev will be working on is planned to reach Osaka by 2045. Jr Tokai with his trials, aims to gather and use more data about air resistance and tremors with the intent of improving the engineering and the design of the coaches.