"Driver-Free" Truck by Daimler Trucks

Driver free(autonomous) vehicles which has become the favorite of automotive sector has been an inspiration to Daimler Trucks.

Ekleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:15/ Güncelleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 18:15

With the improvement of technology, the things that people are supposed to do is becoming less and less day by day. People are slowly replaced with various kinds of systems, robots and artificial intelligence units. Of course, while this situation is scaring us, on the other hand it can make our lives easier. It has been noted that automotive firms have been trying to build driver-free cars by producing smart cars for the last few years. We can say that particularly, Google has made significant developments in this field. Daimler Trucks who was influenced by all this, got the licence of the first driver-free(autonomous) truck. The truck which was announced with the name Freightliner Inspiration, draws attention with its appealing and chic appearance. The producer firm tested Freightliner Inspiration in a long track in Nevada and the vehicle passed all of the tests. The idea behind the truck is pretty simple. It can adjust its following distance and its speed by the sensors around and the software it has within. Frieghtliner Inspiration while only working without a driver on the express ways, needs a driver within the city. Still, the truck seems pretty good with the possibilities it offers on the express way. The Auto Pilot, picking the shortest cut, drives you to your route. It has interesting functions like waking you up with your pre-picked song at the arranged hour. When this system becomes a reality, the accidents caused lack of sleep which are also prevalent in our country, will drop drastically. Those who have this kind of vehicle when they are sleepy, will be able to resign the wheel to the auto pilot and sleep if they desire. While it is not for sure that the vehicle which is still in the process of testing will be out on the roads but it is certain that it is being waited anxiously.