On the way to the fifth generation transportation

Advanced technology and the new generation practices shape our future.

Ekleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 17:54/ Güncelleme: 8 Ocak 2016 Cuma 17:54

Elon Musk, who is one of the co-founders of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, gives life to intercontinenal transportation with his tubed transportation Project. Elon Musk, plans to put his idea which is rested upon the capsules that will move forward in gravity-free tubes, into action and start the building of the project with the firm Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) in 2016. HTT, to build the tubed transportation system, will collaborate with the engineering firms AECOM, Oerlikonm and Hodgetss+Fung. Musk’s idea is rested upon the capsules which will move forward with the almost gravity-free tubes connected to each other with columns distanced 100 or 200 metres. With this system, it is expected that in USA, the distance between cities will drop to 45 minutes. The system which will be established in California will cost 100 million dollars.