ABD Volkswagen'e Dava açtı

ABD Adalet Bakanlığı, yanıltıcı yazılımla emisyon testi sonuçlarını manipüle ettiği ortaya çıkan Volkswagen’e tazminat davası açtı...

Automotive Sector records in 2015

According to the data announced by Automotive Industry Association (AIA), in 2015 the automotive sector set a record in manufacture and export.

Is 460 Million Euros going to waste!

It has come to light that 38 trains that cost 460 million euros belonging to the Marmaray project and waiting for four years in Haydarpaşa Train Station won't be in service for another two years.

The record for public transportation is 603 km by Maglev

Interesting results are emerging in the world, while the players in the public transportation sector are competing against each other with their latest technology. Latest instance: Japan.

"Driver-Free" Truck by Daimler Trucks

Driver free(autonomous) vehicles which has become the favorite of automotive sector has been an inspiration to Daimler Trucks.